A Teacher's Message: Always Rise Above

Whether they'd like to admit it or not, everyone makes mistakes. Big or small, life is full of mistakes. The story below teaches us a lesson worth remembering and considering every day. This teacher's message? Always rise above!

One day, a school teacher wrote the following on a chalkboard,


When he was finished he looked to his students and the class began to laugh. When he asked them why, one student pointed out that the first equation was wrong. The teacher responded by saying, "I wrote the first one wrong on purpose to show you something very important. This is how the world will treat you. You can see that I wrote 5 other RIGHT answers, but none of you gave me recognition for that. You all laughed and criticized me for the one wrong thing that I did. The world will not always appreciate the good that you do, but it will put you down for the one wrong mistake you make. Always rise above the criticism and stay strong!

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